Stone Walls
Foyer, CAD Drawings in Long Island, NY
Gate, CAD Drawings in Long Island, NY

Exterior Layouts

• Landscaping
• Grading
• Shrubs & Flowers
• Trees
• Artistic Gates & Fences
• Stone Paving & Walls
• Doors
• Windows
• Wood Decks
• Stone Retaining Walls


Stone work for both interior and exterior use has never lost its popularity. Interior accenting with stone brings a warmth to any room. It adds a sense of the outdoors to your indoor space. The possibilities are endless and go far beyond a stone fireplace. Interior walls, bathrooms, bedrooms all benefit from the addition of stone.

The exterior has just as many possibilities for unique, eye-catching stonework. Outdoor kitchens, Barbecues, pools, hot tubs, patios, fencing, retaining walls and so much more can be acomplished. Give us a call and let's start exploring the options.