Residential Designs in CAD

Make your dream home visions a reality with residential designs from our main office in Long Island, New York. AEM Drafting Services, Inc. offers CAD designs for any size residential remodeling job. Project timeframe depends on the requested design and job size. Small jobs are designed within a couple of days.

Before designing a project, we take all dimensions, confer with the owner, and gather all necessary information. We then make a preliminary layout and work with the owner on any desired changes. Our services extend to:

• Floor Plans
• Wall Sections — Door & Window Framing
• Elevations
• Metal Wind Components
• House Plans
• Floor Framing Layouts — Beam Loading
• Roof Framing — Layouts for Joist & Rafter Sizing
• Foundation Plans — Rebar Location
• Plumbing Layout Schematics
• Reflected Ceiling Plans
• Lighting Drawings
• Furniture Layouts
• Exteriors — Landscaping Layouts, Roadway Plans &
  Exterior Design, & Plot Plans


Support Systems in CAD

Set your next renovation or building project up for success right from the start, with CAD support systems from our main office in Long Island, New York. AEM Drafting Services, Inc. offers a wide range of residential and commercial CAD drawings and services, including:

• HVAC — Duct Detailing & Layouts
• Piping Layouts
• Equipment Layouts
• Site Utility Plans
• Fixture Layouts
Designed Home, CAD Support Systems in Long Island, NY
Sanitary & Water Drainage Systems

• Domestic Water Riser Diagrams
• Sanitary Drainage & Ventilation Drawings
• Fire Protection Riser Diagrams
• Gas Line Layouts


• Gas Piping Diagrams
• Roof Drainage Layouts
• Riser Diagrams
• Wastewater Systems
• Gutter Layouts


Pole and Timber Pilings
•  Bulkhead Piling Design
• Treated Timbers
• Curved Wood Bulkhead Design
• Gun Barrel Pilings Design
• Timber Trusses Design
• Wood Decking Design

Raised Floor Living
• Raised Foundations Design
• Convenient Crawl Space Design
• Proactive Drainage Planning Design
• Slab Foundations Design


Contact us at 516-938-2918 to learn more about residential drafting services from our company.